About Naughty

  • Name: Diana
  • Often Called As: DINO
  • Born:  Mumbai, India
  • What Is My Current Role In Naughty And Curly : Idea Execution, Modelling In The Photos, Editing And Writing Blogs, Social Media Promotion
  • Hometown : Mangalore. Yes, I’m A Mangalorean. Do You Know Aishwarya Rai Who Hails From Here Too 😉
  • Mother Tongue: Konkani (My Konkani Sucks Big Time 😉)
  • Occupation: Bid Manager In IT Industry
  • Passionate About: Travelling Around The World And Dancing
  • Hobbies: Collecting Souvenirs From Across The World, Addicted To Friends And Amazing Race
  • Childhood Aspiration : To Become An Airhostess So That I Could Travel The World.
  • What Do You Love About Travel : Everything. I’m A Planned Traveler. Believes In Doing All The Research In Advance And Building The Itineraries In God Knows How Many Number Of Excel Spreadsheets… I Have An OCD When It Comes To Travelling That I Don’t Miss Out Any Major Attractions.

About Curly

  • Name: Donald
  • Often Called As: Don, Donnie, Donnie Baba, Donnie Singh Thakur And Donzers
  • Born:  Mumbai, India
  • What Is My Current Role In Naughty And Curly : Idea Generator, Photographer And Content Reviewer, Videographer And Editor.
  • Hometown : Gujarat. Yes, Im A Guju Christian.. Do You Know All The Rich Businessmen Hail From Here Too 😉
  • Mother Tongue: Gujarati  (Im A Pro In Gujurati, “Su Che Majaa Maa” Translated As “How Are You, Hope Everything Is Fine”)
  • Occupation: Market Operations In Travel Industry
  • Passionate About: Bikes, Wildlife Safari, Nature Trails, Photography And Creative Arts.
  • Hobbies: Food Junkie, Avid Reader, Movie Buff
  • Childhood Aspiration : To Join The Indian Navy