About naughty and curly

We are a free-spirited Indian Couple who loves travelling, loves food, loves adventure and desperately wait for the weekends to run out of the city and surround ourselves with Nature.


About Naughty (diana)

Name: Diana
Often called as: DINO
Born:  Mumbai, India
What is my current role in Naughty and Curly : Idea execution, Modelling in the photos, editing and writing blogs, social media promotion
Hometown : Mangalore. Yes, I’m a Mangalorean. Do you know Aishwarya Rai who hails from here too 😉
Mother Tongue: Konkani (My Konkani sucks big time 😉)
Occupation: Bid Manager in IT Industry
Passionate about: Travelling around the world and Dancing
Hobbies: Collecting souvenirs from across the world, Addicted to Friends and Amazing Race
Childhood Aspiration : To become an Airhostess so that I could travel the world.
What do you love about Travel : Everything. I’m a planned traveler. Believes in doing all the research in advance and building the itineraries in god knows how many number of Excel spreadsheets… I have an OCD when it comes to travelling that I don’t miss out any major attractions.

About Curly (Donald)

Name: Donald
Often called as: Don, Donnie, Donnie Baba, Donnie Singh Thakur and Donzers
Born:  Mumbai, India
What is my current role in Naughty and Curly : Idea Generator, Photographer and Content Reviewer, Videographer and Editor.
Hometown : Gujarat. Yes, Im a Guju Christian.. Do you know all the rich businessmen hail from here too 😉
Mother Tongue: Gujarati  (Im a Pro in Gujurati, “Su Che Majaa Maa” translated as “How are you, Hope everything is fine”)
Occupation: Market Operations in Travel Industry
Passionate about: Bikes, Wildlife Safari, Nature Trails, Photography and Creative Arts.
Hobbies: Food Junkie, Avid Reader, Movie Buff
Childhood Aspiration : To join the Indian Navy